ASRIC Bureau

The Bureau is to oversee and follow up on the implementation of the decision of the Congress between its sessions.

Functions of the Bureau

  •   Oversee and follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the Congress;
  •   To preside over the proceeding of the Congress;
  •   Ensure scientific excellence, promote creativity and innovative research for all programs/projects supported by ASRIC;
  •   Establish and strengthen networks and associations to implement programs identified by the Congress;
  •   Coordinate research activities in Africa; and
  •   Develop the terms of reference and rules of procedures for ad-hoc Committees.

Composition of the Bureau

Members of the ASRIC Bureau

# Position Region Country
1 Chair East Kenya
2 1st Vice Chair South Zambia
3 2nd Vice Chair West Nigeria
4 3rd Vice Chair North Morocco
5 4th Vice Chair Central Cameroon
6 Secretary