3rd Vice Chairperson (Communication)

Prof. Driss Ouazar graduated from Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs with a degree in Hydraulic Engineering (1977) and got a PhD from the University of Luick, Belgium (1983). In 1986, he was promoted full professor of Civil Engineering and Computational Methods at EMI where he is still acting as a professor and head of the Hydro-Systems Analysis Laboratory, originally an associated entity to the National Research Council of Morocco.

He established a Doctoral School on Water and Environment. His areas of research interest include Computational techniques (Finite Element, Finite Volume and Boundary Element Methods, Optimization) for engineering and scientific analysis and design with emphasis on water resources, environment, hydraulics and hydrodynamics, Computer Aided Design, Computer Assisted Software Engineering including Object Oriented Design and Implementation, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.

Industrial experience highlights a program of continuing education incorporating hydraulics and environmental software and computational water resources. He has developed a series of research linkages between EMI and other institutions all over the world. He is co-founder of the International Conferences: Maghreb Colloquium on Numerical Methods for the Engineer in 1987, International Conference on Computer Methods and Water resources in 1988, Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Aquifers (SWICA) in 2001, the Third International Conference on Hydraulic Engineering Software Applications (Hydrosoft 1990), Massachussets, USA, April 1990, the International Conference on Computer Methods and Water Resources held at Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs Rabat, Morocco in March 1988 and October, 1991, and in Lebanon 1995, 1998.

He has also co-organized successfully many other advanced courses and workshops on computational hydraulics for African and Middle East participants. Dr. Ouazar has been appointed adjunct professor at the University of Delaware, Water Resources program, USA. He was also invited professor in France, UK, Japan and USA. He is a member of the High Water Council and Climate of Morocco and in the Scientific Board of the National Research Council. He was Co-editor and in editorial Board of HYDROSOFT International Journal now included in Advances in Water Resources, reviewer for many international journals in applied numerical analysis and water resources issues and the author of several journal papers, book chapters, books and conference papers.

3rd Vice Chairperson (Communication) Responsibilities

  •   Build/strengthen and sustain a continental research-policy nexus;
  •   Promote dialogue and provide voice of the scientific community that expresses continental excellence;
  •   Advocate for knowledge exchange and technology acquisition and facilitating/support link between scientific community and the productive sector of the economy;
  •   Promote intra-Africa and international collaboration in STI;
  •   To establish strategic partnership with similar global institutions;
  •   Summarize/revise the reports of the Communication Committee for onward submission;
  •   To guide in the development of work programme and action plans;
  •   To chair the Communication Committee.